the teqforce placement philosophy
where knowledge, commitment and integrity combine for success.
attracting and hiring information technology and engineering candidates requires careful analysis of professional expertise, personality and work environment. at teqforce, our approach to professional personnel placement is designed to reduce trial and error, expensive guesswork and time consuming candidate searches.
teqforce was created to provide information technology and engineering expertise efficiently and cost effectively.

what makes our approach unique?

at teqforce, we strive to build high quality, long term customer relationships by getting to know both our corporate clients and our prospective candidates. this approach requires that we spend extra time with both parties, allowing us to work closely with a few corporate clients and to be more selective with our candidates. in the long term, taking special care to understand the needs of both saves time and results in successful searches.

how do we find that special candidate?

teqforce aggressively and pro-actively seeks out the elite among candidates. we believe the best candidates usually are not seeking positions, but must be sought out. utilizing proven techniques developed exclusively for the it and engineering industries by teqforce, we find candidates who possess the professional skills and personal qualities that match your company’s ideal profile. locating the candidate is often just the beginning of the hiring process. teqforce also will perform extensive reference checks, background checks, and if requested, we will arrange for drug screening with a licensed clinic.

it is our desire at teqforce to conduct an in-depth, face-to-face interview before we send a candidate to see you. the purpose of this is not only to screen these prospects, but also to explain to them why your employment opportunity may be superior. ultimately, our job is not only to find the best qualified candidates for you, but also to help you hire them.

top candidates for long and short term assignments

it is our goal to provide your company with all its it and engineering placement needs, whether they be long term, short term or permanent. for temporary assignments, teqforce can assign candidates to you on a contract or hourly basis. in this case, teqforce applies the same rigorous screening standards that are used for permanent placements in addition to our own internal application procedures. we have highly skilled specialists available for both short and long term assignments.

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